Welcome to the Greater Richmond Patient Centered Medical Home Collaborative

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The mission of the Greater Richmond Patient Centered Medical Home Collaborative is to improve and expand access to high-quality healthcare for patients served by the Region’s health safety net providers by implementing the Patient Centered Medical Home Model of Care.

grpcmh concentric circles

Figure 1. The Greater Richmond PCMH Collaborative

A guiding principle for the Patient Centered Medical Home Model of Care is that the patient must be the central focus. By serving the patient, the community ultimately benefits with improved health outcomes.

At the center of the sphere  are the patients surrounded by the six health safety net providers participating in the Collaborative (See Figure 1). Recognizing that these safety net providers cannot meet all patient needs, the next sphere is labeled Consortium Members. Consortium Members include service providers in the community that either complement or augment the services of the Collaborative Members. Consortium Members include health systems; governmental agencies, such as health departments/districts, community services boards or social service agencies; other health safety net providers or related service entities, such as Access Now, Rx Partnership; or private physicians or private sector healthcare providers. In every instance, the Consortium Members share a commitment to meeting the needs of the Region’s uninsured or underinsured.

The schematic recognizes that Investors are needed if services are to be provided. Investors may provide financial or in-kind resources, intellectual capital, or other forms of support.

Ultimately the intent is to improve community health by improving access and quality of care to the Region’s most vulnerable. Over 30,000 people in greater Richmond directly benefit from services provided by the PCMH Collaborative safety net clinics every year. Thousands more benefit from safety net services provided in local hospitals and other settings and the Collaborative is viewed as a vehicle for helping health safety net providers return even more community value.

The Greater Richmond Patient Centered Medical Home Collaborative was launched for two primary reasons: (1) core principles of the Patient Centered Medical Home Model are aligned with recommendations published in the 2007 report – Bridging the Healthcare Gap: A Community Health Services Plan for the Greater Richmond Region; and (2) the Patient Centered Medical Home Model of Care has significant potential to improve the quality of healthcare for safety net patients in the greater Richmond region. The Greater Richmond Patient Centered Medical Home Collaborative supports organizational and systemic capacity building across six of the Richmond Region safety net clinics, who together, comprise the current membership of the Greater Richmond Patient Centered Medical Home Collaborative (PCMH Collaborative).

The PCMH Collaborative Members

Safety Net PCMH Model

Figure 2. The Safety Net PCMH Model

The PCMH Collaborative is comprised of six of the Region’s safety net clinics, Richmond Memorial Health Foundation (RMHF) and Community Health Solutions (CHS). The PCMH Collaborative meets monthly, and includes leadership staff from the six safety net clinics, RMHF and CHS. RMHF staff provide programmatic, administrative and financial support for the PCMH Collaborative, and CHS staff provide facilitation and technical assistance.

The members of the PCMH Collaborative include:

Collectively the six PCMH Collaborative members serve over 30,000 individual patients and record over 131,000 patient visits annually. Services offered include primary/specialty medical, behavioral/mental health, oral health, and vision care either within their individual clinics or in partnership with others.

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More Information

For more information about the Greater Richmond Patient Centered Medical Home Collaborative contact the Richmond Memorial Health Foundation at 804.282.6282, 4901 Libbie Mill East Boulevard, Suite 210, Richmond, Virginia 23230.

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