Assessing the Potential Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Uninsured Community Health Center Patients: An Update

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Geiger Gibson/RCHN Community Health Foundation Research Collaborative Policy Research Brief # 36; Peter Shin, PhD, MPH; Jessica Sharac, MSc, MPH; Sara Rosenbaum, JD


This report provides updated estimates of the number of community health center patients who are expected to gain insurance coverage under health reform. Our original report that estimated the impact of the ACA on uninsured health center patients was based on 2011 Uniform Data System data, while this updated analysis uses 2012 data and includes New Hampshire among the Medicaid expansion states. We estimate that were all states to expand Medicaid, 5.2 million uninsured health center patients would gain coverage nationally. But because 24 states have not done so, nearly 1.1 million patients will remain uninsured. Health center patients living in southern states are disproportionately affected. Among health center patients denied Medicaid, approximately 71 percent live in the South.

2014 Update Report – Full Report



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