Clinic Profile – Cross Over Healthcare Ministry

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Who We Are

Cross Over Healthcare Ministry is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization founded in 1983 with the mission to provide healthcare, promote wellness, and connect community talents and resources with people in need in the name of Jesus Christ. Cross Over, a free clinic, relies heavily on licensed clinical volunteers to provide many healthcare services. As a free clinic Cross Over also does not bill insurance nor utilize a sliding fee scale. These are two of key ways that free clinics are different from Federally Qualified Health Centers. Serving the community for more than 30 years, Cross Over has grown in size and sophistication, and today provides a comprehensive continuum of services to address the bio-psycho-social healthcare needs of patients we serve. Our patient population includes those in our community who are uninsured and whose incomes are at or below the 200% federal poverty line. This medically indigent population presents medical conditions that are more medically complex than their middle-income peers. Incidents of chronic disease such as diabetes and hypertension, for example, run significantly higher among the low-income, uninsured than among any other patient population. To care for the medically complex conditions presented by many of our patients, Cross Over developed a sophistication clinical system which includes primary care and chronic disease management, specialty care, dentistry, ophthalmology, mental health care, medications and medications management counseling, health education, and social work case management. As an indicator of the quality care provided at Cross Over, the Cross Over Board of Directors, as a part of our 2013 strategic plan, reaffirmed our commitment to achieving PCMH Level III accreditation by the spring of 2015. Included in this strategic plan was the decision to implement electronic health records as a necessary next step to attain PCMH status, given the large numbers of clinical volunteers that will be participating in this process. Achieving this goal will be a testament to the quality care we have always provided and a motivator to continue providing patient centered care to the vulnerable populations we serve. Website:

Who We Serve

This table provides a profile of patients served by Cross Over Healthcare Ministry during 2015 by age and gender, race, income, chronic condition, and payer status. (Click the down arrows to view details within each category.)

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Our Impact

The Cross Over Healthcare Ministry care providers and Quality Improvement committee of the Board of Directors track a number of quality metrics to ensure we are providing quality care to all we serve. As a member of this collaborative we focus on reporting metrics related to chronic and preventable conditions, namely diabetes, hypertension, and tobacco use. The outcomes we track for these conditions are A1c scores, blood pressure, and the number of patients advised to quit using tobacco products. We have selected performance targets for these three metrics that would rank us in the second tier nationally because achieving these goals will indicate the quality level of care we provide while acknowledging the complex medical conditions we regularly see, and the transient nature of our patient population. Patient Centered Medical Home Collaborative members regularly collect data on a set of quality measures. Clinics not only review their performance compared to other clinics in the PCMH Collaborative and compare their quality performance to external standards. This practice is commonly called “benchmarking.” For this project, the best available benchmarks are for Medicaid health plans nationally.

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