Clinic Profile – Health Brigade

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Who We Are


Health Brigade (formerly Fan Free Clinic) provides quality health services, especially to those least served, in a compassionate and non-judgmental environment.

Our Values . . .

Welcoming: We respect the worth, dignity, and equality of every person

Impactful:  We provide effective, quality care that improves the health of our service population.

Trusted:  We provide a professional and safe environment for our patients, clients, volunteers, and staff.

Responsive:  We advocate for and provide services to address evolving community needs.

Integrated:  We focus on the health and well-being of the whole person.

Founded in 1968, Health Brigade (formerly Fan Free Clinic) was the first free clinic in the Commonwealth of Virginia and one of the first in the nation. Health Brigade continues responding to those least served through multiple service components—working to ensure greater access to quality integrated holistic care to positively impact individual, population, and community health and wellness. The focus today is on quality practice using a Patient Centered Medical Home model of care grounded in clinical and qualitative outcomes.  Patient/client centered care permeates all Health Brigade service areas—health, mental health, and community outreach and education. Health Brigade reaches over 11,000 persons a year through its various program areas.

As a multi-service organization, Health Brigade’s scope of service is far broader than our primary care medical clinic.  The Patient-Centered Medical Home model is directly applicable for our medical services and our integrated behavioral health program.  However, the model is not fully congruent with service delivery for specialty mental health and HIV/AIDS prevention and support services as these programs do not serve as homes for our clients, but rather as extensions of their “medical homes” or part of the Patient Centered Medical Neighborhood.  To that end, the leadership of Health Brigade fully affirms the PCMH model of care for our Integrated Care Clinic (Primary Care & Behavioral Health) and is strategically aligning all of our programs for better collaboration, use of resources, and quality outcomes.

Health Brigade achieved Level 2 PCMH national recognition through the NCQA 2014 Standards.  The organization is committed to maintaining PCMH recognition going forward and will work toward Level 3 at the time of the next renewal.

As Health Brigade continues to evolve to meet the changing health needs of the community, we are committed to advocating for decent health care for everyone in our diverse society.  Our voice will challenge the status quo health systems to ensure all persons receive the care, respect and dignity to be who they are and live the life that is most healthy for them.

A strong engaged Board of Directors in collaboration with the Executive Director and Service Directors work closely together to ensure Health Brigade is aligned with its mission and values.  Our ability to be patient centered and outcome driven is the cornerstone of our success  and  the Quality Assurance and Impact Committee of the Health Brigade Board ensures we walk the talk.



Who We Serve

This table provides a profile of patients served by Health Brigade during 2015 by age and gender, race, income, chronic condition, and payer status. (Click the down arrows to view details within each category.)

Click here to load this Caspio Online Database.

Our Impact

Health Brigade utilizes a hybrid electronic medical record system that includes patient registries to measure success across many indicators.  We have been designing and implementing this system for three years to ensure that our system meets the needs of all of our integrated programs beyond just medical outcome data. Our data are not only recorded but fully analyzed to make improvements to service delivery in a timely way to ensure better results for patients.  The quality measures reported for the PCMH Collaborative were specifically chosen based on their prevalence in the populations we serve and the negative impacts to health.

Patient Centered Medical Home Collaborative members regularly collect data on a set of quality measures. Clinics not only review their performance compared to other clinics in the PCMH Collaborative and compare their quality performance to external standards. This practice is commonly called “benchmarking.” For this project, the best available benchmarks are for Medicaid health plans nationally.



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