2011 Zip Code Data

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Data SourceUninsured Estimates: Uninsured indicators are synthetic estimates by Community Health Solutions based on multiple national and statewide uninsured estimates and demographic data from Alteryx, Inc.The estimates do not explicitly account for either undocumented populations or acute drops in income due to the recession. These estimates may differ from other sources of similar data. These kinds of estimates are subject to error; they are instructive for planning, but it is not possible for Community Health Solutions to guarantee their accuracy.

Data SourceDiabetes Prevention Quality Indicator Estimates: Community Health Solutions analysis of hospital discharge data from the Virginia Health Information January 1, 2011-December 31, 2011 data-set. NOTE: VHI requires the following statement to be included in all reports utilizing its data: Virginia Health Information (VHI) has provided non-confidential patient level information used in this report which was compiled in accordance with Virginia law. VHI has no authority to independently verify this data. By accepting this report the requester agrees to assume all risks that may be associated with or arise from the use of inaccurately submitted data. VHI edits data received and is responsible for the accuracy of assembling this information, but does not represent that the subsequent use of this data was appropriate or endorse or support any conclusions or inferences that may be drawn from the use of this data.

*Prevention Quality Indicators (PQIs) are part of a set of Agency Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Quality Indicators (QIs) developed by investigators at Stanford University and the University of California under a contract with AHRQ. The PQIs are a set of measures that can be used with hospital inpatient discharge data to identify quality of care for “ambulatory care-sensitive conditions.” These are conditions for which good outpatient care can potentially prevent the need for hospitalization or for which early intervention can prevent complications or more severe disease. The PQI definitions are highly specific in their specification of ICD-9 diagnosis codes and procedure codes. For example, not every case of diabetes is included in the PQI definition. For more information, visit the AHRQ website at http://www.qualityindicators.ahrq.gov/pqi_overview.htm.

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