Out-of-Pocket Healthcare Expenditure Burdens Among Nonelderly Adults With Hypertension

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This study published in the American Journal of Managed Care in May 2014 examined healthcare expenditures among nonelderly adults with hypertension, as compared to patients with other chronic conditions and well patients.  The study found “the prevalence of high total [healthcare expenditure] burdens was significantly greater for persons receiving treatment for hypertension (13.1%) compared with other chronically ill (10.5%) and well patients (5.3%).” These financial burdens to care result in individuals foregoing or delaying care. The study found that “35.2% among the uninsured and 23.9% among those with public coverage said they were unable to get care due to financial reasons.”

In this new health care environment, patients may be transitioning to healthcare coverage and out of the safety net setting. But it is important to understand the barriers to care for specific patient populations, which may include segments of the chronic disease population such as those with hypertension in particular. Addressing these barriers is crucial for the well-being of these patients.

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