Patient Centered Leadership: More than a Score

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Why your organization is engaged in true patient-centered leadership…

Perhaps the central questions for leaders are: What really matters to patients and families? Is our organization engaged inpatient-centered leadership or patient-satisfaction leadership?

  • Patient-centered leadership: Staff members at patient-centered organizations actively work on various improvement projects at all times. They come together in cooperative, cross-functional teams and dig into the basic work of improvement— identifying variation and gaps in quality, running PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) cycles and participating in other targeted patient centeredness initiatives.
  • Patient-satisfaction leadership: Organizations that focus on patient satisfaction tend to have a culture of compliance in which frontline staff members are preoccupied with conforming to a set of guidelines intended to help increase satisfaction scores. When no frontline staff are serving on an improvement team, it’s a clear sign that quality improvement in the organization is siloed and considered separate from the frontline work, that it is an additional activity rather than an integral part of every staff member’s daily work.

At truly patient-centered organizations, patient and family input and engagement are both welcomed and sought out as an integral part of the operations and culture, and staff are respectful to all patients and families, all of the time. In such organizations, patients and families participate on improvement committees, on board committees, in patient and family advisory groups and in other ways to ensure that patients play an active role in all decisions related to improvement.

It is clear from reading this article and from conversations at the monthly PCMH meetings that the organizations in the Greater Richmond PCMH Collaborative are practicing patient-centered leadership.  Consider how you achieved this type of leadership, and the steps you took to get here.

Read the full article on “Patient Centered Leadership: More Than a Score” from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement

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