PCMH Collaborative Members

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GRPCMH sitesThe PCMH Collaborative is comprised of six of the Region’s safety net clinics, Richmond Memorial Health Foundation (RMHF) and Community Health Solutions (CHS). The PCMH Collaborative meets monthly, and includes leadership staff from the six safety net clinics, RMHF and CHS. RMHF staff provide programmatic, administrative and financial support for the PCMH Collaborative, and CHS staff provide facilitation and technical assistance.

Click the links below to view complete profiles of each PCMH Collaborative member clinic.

Collectively the six PCMH Collaborative member clinics serve more than 30,000 individual patients and record nearly 130,000 patient visits annually. Services offered include primary/specialty medical, behavioral/mental health, oral health, and vision care either within their individual clinics or in partnership with others.

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