The PCMH Toolkit

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Members of the Greater Richmond Patient Centered Medical Home Collaborative are seeking to achieve National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Recognition. Community Health Solutions has substantial experience and an extensive toolkit for helping primary care practices build capacity for PCMH.  The PCMH Toolkit is available only to members of the Patient Centered Medical Home Collaborative.  If you are not already a member of the Greater Richmond Patient Centered Medical Home Collaborative, please contact Community Health Solutions (804.673.0166 or for more information about The PCMH Toolkit.

The PCMH Toolkit is comprised of the following:

1. An online searchable database of hundreds of documentation examples (policies, procedures, and reports) for NCQA PCMH recognition.

Purpose: Organizations use this database to find examples of polices and procedures that satisfied NCQA’s requirements. This saves significant staff time with policy development and ensures the documentation meets standards for recognition.

2. An online searchable database of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about NCQA PCMH elements and the general recognition process.

Purpose: Organizations involved in PCMH development often encounter questions about interpretation of NCQA’s standards and guidelines. Community Health Solutions staff help answer those questions and compile that knowledge in a searchable database.

3. The PCMH Scoring Tool: The PCMH Scoring Tool is an interactive spreadsheet for managing the PCMH initiative at an organization. This tool incorporates the PCMH 2011 Standards and Elements defined by NCQA [2014 Standards version coming soon]. Use the PCMH Scoring Tool to keep track of documentation and scoring of the elements your organization will include in your NCQA recognition application.

4. Pathways to Level I and Level II Recognition: Community Health Solutions developed two practice guides for PCMH development that would lead to Level I and Level II recognition. These practice guides contain a set of Standards, Elements, and Factors that an organization could adopt that would lead to Level I and Level II recognition. These pathways are particularly helpful for safety net organizations, but can be applied to PCMH development at any organization with a goal of Level I or Level II recognition.

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