Mapping the Number of Patients by Census Tract

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At the April meeting, Collaborative members expressed interest in developing a map of their patients by Census Tract. This type of map could be used for strategic planning at the organization- and Collaborative-level. Community Heath Solutions will work with clinics to develop these data, following the steps below.

Part 1. Clinic staff compile a spreadsheet of patient addresses (street address, city, state, zip). This can be based on active patients at the clinic at a point in time.

Part 2. Proceed with geocoding, based on the CHS video tutorial (see video below). The video will guide you through the following steps:

  1. Sanitize your patient address file of Patient Names and MRNs. *Note: You may want to save a copy of the file with patient names on your server, for future reference, but you will remove PHI from the file you upload for geocoding)
  2. Save as a CSV (comma separated values) file type and make sure your column headings read “Street Address”, “City”, “State”, and “Zip”. *Note: Make sure the patient addresses are on only one worksheet/tab in your spreadsheet. The CSV file type will only allow one worksheet.
  3. Visit this page:
  4. Sign up for a free account.
  5. In the Batch Geocoding section, upload your CSV file to the website.
  6. Proceed through the steps to geocode your file. *Note: Make sure to click the “CensusValues” checkbox at the appropriate point as noted in the video.
  7. Download the geocoded file when finished, and save to your computer.
  8. In the geocoded file, delete all columns EXCEPT the Unique ID and any columns that start with “Census”. Note: You will delete the original patient addresses along with the other extraneous columns.
  9. Send that sanitized file to CHS ( We will aggregate the data so you have a total number of  patients by census tract.

Part 3. Community Health Solutions team will create a map of number of patients by census tract for each organization and the Collaborative overall.

Geocoding Video Tutorial

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